WARM greetings

21 februari 2014

Namens de HFA contactpersoon: Julius Mutenga , Butaleja I really want to say thanks for your support to body of Christ (church) and surely the community of Butaleja is happy for your connection to us.
Indeed for the last money you left we bought a key board (piano) for the church and its helping in the preaching of the gospel ( evangelism) all over the district.....will soon send you pics.
Am very excited to hear of your October trip and i pray that God provides all that it takes for all the team to be in Uganda. I also thank you for looking gifts for Butaleja and i hope soon to give the need for the next gift you are bring for us, we will sit as church members and pastor and discuss the issues.Send my regards to dad Johan, our sisters and brothers and all Hope for All family........shalom!  Julius, HFA, Butaleja

Waar liefde woont gebiedt de Heer Zijn Zegen ! Uit de Bijbel psalm 133:3 ❤️